Foss Creek

Foss Creek

SiteID: RBFOS001      

Lat: 38.61111                                                                                                                                                                          

Long: -122.87188

Site Characterization

Field Observations

The Foss Creek site is the most northern sampling location and is located in downtown Healdsburg, just 30 ft up from the pedestrian bridge by the plaza parking lot.


The Foss Creek site is heavily disturbed with mowed grass extending up to the west bank of the creek. There are planted non-native bulbs and weedy herbaceous species (mint (Mentha spicata), Cyperus eragrostis, etc.) along the creek edge. There are scattered box elder (Acer sp.) and willows (Salix sp.), which are about 8.5m tall and have a DBH between 1-6”. These tree species may have been planted or are the only trees remaining due to high disturbance. Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor) is dense on the east bank, but is absent and likely managed for, on the grassy west bank. North of the sample site the vegetation is more intact and has a higher cover of willow species. Total Cover: 30%


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