Lower Dry Creek

Lower Dry Creek


Latitude: 38.6045740781

Longitude: -122.882534731

Lower Dry Creek is a new sampling site, and is located less than a mile south-west of the Foss Creek Sampling Site.

Site Characterization

Field Observations


This over story at this site is dominated by mature alder’s (Alnus sp.) and walnut’s (Juglans sp.) that are between 14-16m tall with DBH’s between 11-24”. This site has a mid-level tree/shrub layer that includes willows (Salix sp.; 5-10m tall) and elderberry’s (Sambucus sp.; 3m tall). Beneath these two tree strata, the dense understory is dominated by non-natives including the highly invasive periwinkle (Vinca major) and Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor). Total Cover: 45%


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