Atascadero Creek at GVR

Atascadero Creek at GVR

SiteID: RBATA001

Lat: 38.44431

Long: -122.877

Site Characterization

Field Observations

This site is adjacent to a large floodplain or wetland area. Sample site is on south-east side of bridge.


This site is dominated by willows (Salix sp.) that are about 8m tall and have a DBH between 6-11”. Tree species, including alder (Alnus sp.), walnut (Juglans sp.) and oak (Quercus garryana), are scattered throughout the landscape. Other tree species, unidentifiable at the time of sampling, grow at this site as well. The understory is dominated by Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor) and a variety of other non-native species, including periwinkle (Vinca major). Total Cover: 60%


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