Laguna de Santa Rosa downstream of Confluence

Site ID: 114LAGU02
Lat: 38.4515976114
Long: -122.834531249

Site Characterization

Field Observations:

Vegetation Description:

This site contains a few scattered willows (Salix sp.), box elders (Acer sp.) and other tree species (will return in spring/summer for positive identification) that range in height from 9.44m to 16.07m and range in dbh from around 10" - 20". The understory is dominated by Himalayan blackberry (Rubus discolor). The path or road leading up to the sampling site is dominated by other non-native forbs and grasses, including bristly ox tounge (Picris echioides) and Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon).

Total Cover: 65%


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