Sampling Sites: 2008-2009

The 2008-2009 water year sampling sites consist of both new and existing sampling sites. Sites were chosen by UCD and NCRWQCB to refine the spatial and temporal impairment of the Russian River and Santa Rosa Creek in order to develop pathogens TMDL's for this system. These sites are monitored for the presence of Bacteroidales, E. coli and Enterococcus. The sites were chosen to reflect a mix of land uses, watershed position, potential cumulative effects, spatial coverage, as well as previous monitoring activity. There are presently two semi-natural controls (Upper Mark West Creek and Mill Creek), two agriculturally dominated reaches (Atascadero Creek at Bodega Hwy and Lower Dry Creek), four urban (Copeland and Foss Creeks, Upper Santa Rosa Creek and the downstream Prince Memorial Greenway), and four mixed land uses (Laguna de Santa Rosa and the Laguna downstream of Santa Rosa Creek, and lower portions of Green Valley and Atascadero at GVR Creeks). Please see the initial findings of Shilling et al. 2008 for a discussion of previous monitoring results.