February 17th, 2009

It rained steadily throughout the morning up until about 16:00. All streams were high and off-color with runoff. Gutters and ditches alongside roads were all carrying substantial runoff. We were only able to collect samples for seven of the 12 sites due to unexpected lab limitations. We priortized our sampilng by looking at the data from the first two sampling events.

Sites Sampled: Copeland Creek, Foss Creek, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Laguna de Santa Rosa at the confluence, Lower Atascadero Creek at Green Valley Road, Atascadero Creek at Bodega Hwy, and Prince Memorial Greenway.


Sampling Events

The following sites were sampled on this day:

  • Slightly flooded with water a couple of feet into the sloped floodplain.

  • Flooded. Staff gage: 9.25' and was around 3.5' during Feb. 6th event. The stream was over its banks and spread far into the floodplain. The hiking trail about 120 meters east of the stream was under a foot of standing water.

  • Flow was high and moving fast. CFS: 20 cfs (estimate)

  • Flow was high and moving fast. CFS: 20 cfs (estimate)

  • Water was well mixed throughout the channel and water was very high.

  • Flooded with water running through the riparian vegetation from the edge of the normal channel to about 75 meters back into the floodplain on the west side of the channel. Sample was collected about 40-50 meters from the flooded stream bank due to water depth. CFS: >200 (estimate)

  • Very high and fast. CFS: >200cfs (estimate)